Our questions / answers

Bikram Yoga is performed in a room that has been heated to 40°. Each class lasts 90 minutes. During each 90-minute session, participants are taught a series of 26 dynamic poses (Asanas) and two breathing exercises (Pranayamas). On each visit, you will go through the same series of poses and they will be performed in the same order.

Don’t worry! Because the series of positions in each class is the same, participants of different abilities can (and do) take part at the same time. It’s only normal that you may need some practise to get used to all of the positions – but there is no rush, and if you need to sit down during a session, that’s absolutely fine. Sessions are done at your own pace.

Not at all. The idea is to work on your alignment. With time, you will become more flexible.

At first, the high heat in the yoga room, coupled with some pretty intense exercise, can be a bit of a surprise – it may even seem unbearable. However, you are never forced to complete all 26 poses. If you need to, take a moment – especially when you’re new to Bikram Yoga, when it can all seem quite challenging. Just take a time out, and take a breather before restarting. We do advise, however, that people try not to leave a session mid-way through. Little by little, you will get used to the heat, and will soon realise how beneficial it is. It allows you to speed up your progress very quickly.

Yoga mats and towels are obligatory. They can be hired at the studio, though we would encourage you to buy your own mat (we sell them, too) as soon as you can. You will need a bottle of water (also available at the studio) and light, comfortable clothes such as shorts and a yoga/sports top for women – ideally not loose-fitting tops as these can hamper movement.

Light, comfortable yoga kit that will allow you to move freely. The ideal combination is shorts or leggings and a yoga/sports top. We don’t recommend jogging bottoms or long-sleeve T-shirts as they will make you very hot.

For the best results, we recommend at least three classes per week – this is often easier for people to schedule than other types of fitness class as each session of Bikram Yoga is the same, so you can come to any class. By coming at least three times a week, the different parts of the body are able to maintain the benefits of the previous session (meaning they don’t have to re-start from scratch), and in order to encourage members to come as often as they can, we have a number of different membership levels. For those who can’t commit to such frequent classes, even a weekly Bikram Yoga class will give you a regular dose of wellbeing – although your results will be less spectacular. Bikram Yoga does require a minimum commitment from you if you want to be able to feel its benefits.

Any regular physical activity can help you lose weight. But as well as burning calories, Bikram Yoga helps you to tone your body and strengthen your muscles. It’s well-suited to anyone who wants to take control of how their body looks and their weight, if that’s appealing.

Yes – a good daily intake of water is important for all of us, especially before and after each yoga class. When you sweat, you lose valuable minerals that need to be replaced. You can drink water during your Bikram Yoga class, but it won’t be enough to replace the water you lose – the hydration of the body needs to be continuous in order for it to be effective. This means that you should drink at least two litres of water per day to stay properly hydrated.

After the first Bikram Yoga session, or if you haven’t exercised for a long time, you’ll feel it in your muscles the next day. You should certainly expect to work your body! The aches are actually due to an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, and you may suffer a little until this has left the body. The best way to get rid of it is to return for another class the next day, even if that seems unthinkable to you!

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga; all of the different forms of hot yoga that exist are inspired by the Bikram method – though they are not the same. When you practise at a Bikram Yoga centre, you’re guaranteed solid, reliable tuition that is suitable for all levels. All of our teachers are graduates of the Yoga College of India and have been through 500 hours of training.