Bikram Choudhury

Who is Bikram?

Born in Calcutta, he begins studying yoga at 4 years old. thanks to his guru Bishnu Ghosh*, at 13 years old, Bikram is the youngest yoga national champion in India.

At 20 years old, he is severely injured in an accident, but with his guru advices and Yoga practice, he fully recovered.
That’s why together, Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram perfected these very complete series of 26 poses.

Sponsored by United Nations in Tokyo University, Bikram works on research programme with doctors, to prove that yoga regenerates the body and cure chronicle troubles.
Personnally invited to the USA by Nixon in 1973, Bikram is the founder of Yoga College of India settled in Beverly Hills in 1974. Soon he becomes more and more successful among stars, athletes, and all kinds of celebrities.

In the 90’s Bikram starts teaching programs. 9 weeks including 500 hours of intensive courses. 2 training sessions are organized for teachers training each year, and today, around 5000 people received their certification by Bikram himself.

Today numerous amount of centers have opened in the world, allowing to all adepts to walk in any Bikram yoga center and find in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese etc., the same discipline in the same heat and the same energy !!

You start practicing Bikram Yoga

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